Baltic Birch Kitchen Cabinet Doors & Drawers
Baltic Birch plywood doors and drawer fronts, modern, functional and stylish.

The right cabinet doors and drawer fronts can transform your kitchen. We manufacture a selection of modern door styles from birch ply, oak veneered ply and multi-coloured Formica.

When ordering cabinets from us simply let us know the style of door your require and will will calculate the price for doors and drawer fronts. Doors and drawers can be manufactured to fit existing kitchen cabinets and provide a lost cost facelift for your kitchen. Contact us to find out more.

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Circle Pull

Rectangle Cutout

Semi Circle Cutout

J Profile

Edge Pull

Slab Door

Circle Pull
Circle Pull.
The classic simplicity of the circle pull handled door works well in all materials and provides a clean modern look. The circle pull handle is suitable for inset or overlay doors and provides a great balanced aesthetic on drawer fronts as well as larger doors.  The position of the circle pull can be changed to best suite your kitchen cabinet configuration.
Rectangle Cutout.
A very popular door front that works well on inset and overlay doors and drawers. In veneered oak and birch the handless design makes the natural wood finish the focus of the kitchen. With a Formica finish the contrast of the wood cutout against the coloured Formica provides an attractive design feature.  The position of the cutouts can be tailored to suite your kitchen configuration.
Semi-Circle Cutout.
The recessed semi-circle cut out provides a clean and minimal yet unusual and modern design feature for your kitchen. As with the other cut-out style doors the contrast of the wood works well against a coloured Formic finish. With natural birch ply or oak veneer the cutout becomes a more subtle feature.  With a variety of positions for the cutout double doors and drawers together create a modern full circle handle.
J Profile
J Profile.
One of the original and most common of handless kitchen door designs the J-Profile gives a sleek and modern look. This type of door should overlay the cabinet and is not suited to inset configurations.
Edge Pull
Edge Pull.
Edge pulls are alternatives to traditional style cupboard drawer and door handles. They can be fitted horizontally on drawers and vertically on doors and suitable for both inset and overlay doors. The sleek design of finger pulls makes them a great addition to a stylish and minimalistic kitchen interior to add the finishing touch.
Slab Door
Slab Door.
Slab doors provide the ultimate in minimalistic design aesthetic when used with push to open mechanisms. When used with birch or oak veneered doors the natural beauty and tones of the wood become the focal point of your kitchen. Slab doors also allow for the fixture of handles of your choosing and and provide a high level of customisation.